What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Excuse the picture of my foot, but…

I just made a big note in my daily planner that my headaches have passed and I have ankles again! (Excuse me, but I have to share, stubby toes and all. Oh, and note the water.)

I have ankles again!

It’s really really really good to be past that tired headache-y crabby feeling. The last three days of planner notes have looked like this:

Headache note in planner

I didn’t even record how crabby I’ve been. Let’s just say I’m lucky I’m still married to my forgiving patient husband and my children will need therapy at some point, I’m sure. (OK, it wasn’t quite that bad because I did have some self control, but I sure did FEEL that irritable.)

So, now that I’m feeling more clear-headed and energetic, feel free to give me a virtual smack and remind me of this moment if I lapse back into diet sodas and junk. 😛

Thu, August 14 2008 » Motivation