What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

A weight loss experiment for the coming weekend

So, in a previous post, I mentioned that weekends were tough for me and I didn’t know why. Most of the typical obvious reasons don’t seem to apply.


In rereading that post, I had a flash of insight.

Flash of Insight

(That’s where flashes of insight actually happen in the brain, in case you wanted to know.)

The key phrase for me was that my state of mind was different on the weekends upon awakening. So I examined that. Here’s what I came up with.

1. Big looming projects. During the week, I use my planner to map out the next day. I know specifically what I’ll be working on when I wake up, adjusting as needed through the day. On the weekends, I have bigger more general overly-ambitious things mapped out. I still know what I should be doing, but the tasks are big and vague and overwhelming, such as Organize books (I have 1000s of books through the house). They are things I feel I should be doing. They are things that usually rank high on my list of tolerations. (I’ll blog about tolerations next, if you aren’t familiar with them, and will include a couple of handy assessment tools you can use to identify yours.) The result is stress. And stress eating.

2. Different mindset. During the week, I’m pretty predictable, food-wise. On the weekend, not so much. During the week, I wake up and know pretty much what I’m going to have. On the weekend, not so much. During the week, I’m content and don’t feel deprived. On the weekend, I’m convinced I will be deprived. It’s not a let-me-eat-as-much-as-I-can-on-the-weekends feeling. It’s more a I-am-deprived-right-now feeling. And that may simply tie back in to the stress eating mentioned in the previous point.

So, my strategy:

Use my planner as I do during the week — list smaller more specific items I can knock out on the weekends, while still making sure I have lots of fun family time.

I’ll try it this weekend and let you know how it went.

Wed, August 20 2008 » Strategy, Stress eating