What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Caffeine level today: “vibrating crackhead”

I experienced Nirvana today.

After a week of little caffeine and only one or two Diet Cokes, I had a Crystal Light Focus.

For, er, medicinal reasons. Really.

What? You’re not buying that?

I was jazzed.

I was flying.

I was buzzed.

(I was not exactly focused. Unless you call working on 57 things at once focused. I did get a lot done, though. I turned in like 8 expense reports and finished my visa application for my trip to China and buzzed through 100s of emails and and and…. It was work-induced ADD heaven.)

Caffeine quiz

I was surprised to see one packet is only 40mg of caffeine. (A 12oz cup of Starbucks is like 200mg.) Was it all in my head? Maybe I just re-sensitized myself by cutting way back for a week or two.

Maybe I can have one once in a while.

Maybe just on days ending in “Y”…

One redeeming note: I did also drink lots of water today.

Fri, August 22 2008 » Cravings, Everything else