What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Weekend experiment working!

Well, my weekend experiment is working fabulously! Just had to post a quick note.

I woke up (rather, the kids woke me up). I had already identified specific actions to take:

* Finish Uncle Claus’s birthday project

* Get car inspected

* Run errands: post office, Petco, BJs

* Give kids (and me, thanks to husband) a rest!

I also got a chance to do a good deed at BJs because some *&^%%$ left their dogs in the car in the hot August sun (we live in the South). I called 911.

Now, we are off to have fun at the pool!

When we get back, the kids and I are going to sort out toys — clutter makes me nuts. And we have way too much of it.

Then, I’m hoping to get the kids in to bed at a decent hour so I can spend some time with my husband! <wink, wink, nudge, nudge>

Eating lightly today, being active, having a good energy day. Whee!

(Oh, and the rest of my day yesterday went well, too — as soon as I wrote down the Wendy’s incident, I was able to move on and eat normally. In the past, I would have said, OK, forget it, today’s a wash, I’ll start again tomorrow. But not now!)

Hmm, maybe old dogs CAN learn new tricks…

Sat, August 23 2008 » Persistence, Strategy