What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Well, I joined the Lazy Waister’s Triathlon

OK, life has interfered with my doing the Dash for Divas this Saturday, so instead, I’m doing the Lazy Waister’s Triathlon over the next few weeks.

At least I’ll be able to say I completed a triathlon (mumble of sorts mumble) before I turn 40 in October 😉

Good thing I get my bike back tomorrow! And I did have a terrible realization that the main heated pool is closed for the month as of today, so I’ll have to whine through swimming in the outdoor unheated pool. Let’s hear it for global warming! (joking!)

Excited to have a concrete challenge.

Wed, September 3 2008 » Everything else

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  1. PastaQueen September 5 2008 @ 8:04 am

    Heh! I love the idea of the Lazy Waister’s Triathlon. Thanks for linking to it.