What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

How do you handle people who sabotage your efforts?

I’m all about personal responsibility (a little too much, according to some), but reality is that not everyone is always supportive of us. How do you handle people who sabotage your efforts?

The folks at Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat have a great fill in the blank letter to the office diet saboteur.

Luckily, right now, I don’t have many saboteurs in my life. People in my life, friends and coworkers, are pretty supportive in general. In fact, when I “came out” with my blog and my commitment to getting fit, I was so pleasantly surprised to see how much support I got from people around me. (Thanks, group hug!)

My work situation has changed and we no longer have endless free food, candy, and soda available in the breakroom — I guess one plus out of the tightening economy. We have very few people, including me, who actually work at the office now, so I don’t have to deal with people bringing in food for customers or cake and stuff for us. My working at home works great for me exercise and food-wise.

My husband does his best to support me (but he never struggled with weight, so it’s rather mysterious to him). The things he likes me to have around for him (ice cream, croissants) aren’t really my thing, so it doesn’t bother me — just because I have a weight problem doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have what he wants. My kids are young enough to be at my mercy, so we just don’t go eat fast food or have a lot of junk around. Good for them, good for me.

My mother is at a distance, so that’s easier. It’s actually become rather funny to me because she’ll call and tell me she’s sending me candy or cookies, “but not too much because you know you don’t need it!” Oy. Luckily, she sends me sweet stuff (her thing) — if she sent me potato chips, it would be harder!

Reflecting on this, I think I have probably been my own worst enemy. I have sabotaged myself more than others have sabotaged me, quite frankly, and I think a good bit of that was because I simply believed I couldn’t do it. I was a Fat Person Who Failed at Weight Loss. I had a self-concept that didn’t allow for weight loss. (I have been changing this self-concept so I really related to some of Lyn’s posts lately on Escape from Obesity.)

How do you deal with sabotage, from others or yourself?

Tue, September 30 2008 » Self image, Support

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  1. Charlie Hills September 30 2008 @ 11:01 pm

    For me, if The Switch is on, I’m impervious to sabotage. If it’s off, I seem to welcome it.

    I believe it all comes from inside…

  2. Just Kelly September 30 2008 @ 11:55 pm

    I am SO there with you!

    At my last job, I was on the “Celebration Committee” (it wasn’t a choice, I was forced… celebrate that!). Our company had 2-3 special activities each month that were always punctuated with cake, cookies, brownies, sugary drinks, and candy. When it came time to have one on one meetings with our supervisors I brought up the suggestion of having healthier fare or more activity oriented celebrations instead of food. Well my supervisor (who was the supervisor of the celebration committee) forgot I suggested it and mocked the suggestion at our next meeting. I was pissed but of course I didn’t say anything. With 80% of our work force probably being morbidly obese I thought it was a good suggestion, but I guess she thought I was raining on her cake parade.

    Now I work at a state healthcare organization. Lately we had three ice cream socials… in ONE week. Seriously. A health care organization.

    I skipped them all.

  3. Annette October 1 2008 @ 6:25 am

    I have had nothing but support. I feel like the only time I don’t have a grip is when I’m too hungry……so I try to not get to that point. I think commercials can be sneaky ways of derailing..! I try to record stuff on the dvr so I can ff thru commercials.

  4. ant October 1 2008 @ 7:48 am

    What gets me every time is the innocent, “Hey do you want to go out to lunch?” Like the others, I must confess I’m my worst enemy. I believe I use being “blindsided” as an excuse to get anything on the menu. It is telling that the one standing weekly lunch date I have I started by intentionally getting a salad — to this day I still always only get a salad.


    btw: Sorry, A, for those past trips to the Outback Steakhouse! :(

  5. Alexia October 1 2008 @ 8:00 am

    Charlie, I have a draft post called “the switch is on” — I get the switch!

    Kelly, did you read pastaqueen’s recent rant on cake at work? So true. When we used to have free candy and sodas, etc., at work, one or two people would suggest buying fruit and I think most of the time it went bad in the bottom of the fridge :-(

    Annette, good point — I was at the grocery store and a food item I never eat was advertised right on the grocery cart and I thought for a minute, hmm, that would be good… yikes!

    Ant, LOL, no apology needed. Or maybe I need to apologize to you! 😀 Salad/veggie places from now on!

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