What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Don’t deserve an ounce of this, down 0.9: Biggest Loser Blog Edition

Well, down 0.9 pounds. I procrastinated weighing for a day because I was sure I’d be up at least, like, 5 pounds or something.

I didn’t do much of anything right and I’m surprised. I was sick and stressed and overworked and ate like crap and didn’t exercise hardly at all. At least that’s my impression. When I look over my week without the self-flagellation, I see things like the fact that I’ve gotten out of the habit of snacking and my portions are smaller.

Why is my perception and reality around food and weight so far apart!

I need to get back on track. Today. I don’t want to get in my cycle of gain a pound, lose a pound, until I give up altogether in frustration. I started reading through my posts to see what works and what doesn’t work for me. I’ll post the findings later. In the meantime, I’m committing to a healthy day right now.

Sun, November 9 2008 » Progress