What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

People, I miss you!

Just a quick note — I’m still working a bunch and trying to catch up, but will be back blogging shortly. I twittered the other day about missing my blog, but it’s not so much the blog but YOU I miss :-) Staying motivated is much easier when I know you are out there, so thanks for dropping me a note here and there — I read them all and always appreciate them!!

So what about the weight? Doing OK with the food and drink. Being sick has been a good appetite suppressant 😛 Exercise, deliberately taking it easy — I’m wheezing and coughing up a storm, so I may break down and head back to the doc in a few days. I have been trying to do a few easy 30 minute sessions here and there. I miss exercise, too!

Mon, November 10 2008 » Support