What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

It’s official. I’m a freak. I’m the only person not worried about gaining over the holidays.

Hmm. OK. I think I’m a freak. (Hey, I hear you asking yourselves, “well, when did she finally figure that out?!”)

I’m relieved because it’s nearly the holidays. I don’t find the holidays stressful, food-wise. I have the same freaky family issues that everyone else seems to have, but holidays aren’t when I do my eating. In spite of being an introvert, I like having friends and family over for the holidays.

I’m relieved because I’m cooking for the holidays. When I cook from scratch, I don’t eat much. When I feed people, I don’t feed myself. (And it’s not because I’m a bad cook!)

Maybe it’s because I’m a solitary eater. Maybe it’s because I tend to eat in the aftermath of stressful situations. Maybe it’s because I’m just too busy during the holidays.

Maybe it’s because I just don’t have time to focus so much on myself and my issues — I’m focused on being grateful and on family, freaky or not. (And this is totally a statement about myself and how focused on myself I can get with self-analysis, not a suggestion that anyone who gains over the holidays is a selfish self-centered person! :D) Right now, with the economic crisis, I find that’s especially true. We’re cutting back for ourselves and trying to do more for others.

What I do need to look out for is the post-holiday season (and perhaps the post-economic crisis season at some point), for two reasons:

  • Holidays are over, so I gear down and don’t think I need to be as aware of my habits. Danger zone for me.
  • I get a little freaked out with all the New Years Resolution diet obsession. Everyone else starts dieting and every news story, magazine article, etc., is about dieting. I want to eat everything in sight out of stress because the world is on a diet. (If I were a super hero, I’d be, like, Opposite Girl or something.)

So, my strategy for the holidays is to do what I normally do — enjoying doing for others.

And my post-holiday strategy is going to involve some structure around sticking with my exercise and blogging, tuning out to the constant diet message, and continuing to be aware of what I put in my body. And continuing to focus on being grateful and helping others.

Wed, November 26 2008 » Persistence, Strategy, Stress eating