What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

2008 retrospective: What worked, what didn’t

Looking back, I certainly learned a bunch about what works and what doesn’t with regard to my getting fit. In no particular order… Works: Outrageous distance-based goal with deadline (Lazy Man’s Triathlon, first 5K race, first 5K continuous run, marathon, open water swim, triathlon… what else to come?) Doesn’t work: Exercising for X minutes Y […]

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This is too disgusting not to post about

One Beverly Hills, Calif. doc claimed that he powered his Ford SUV and his girlfriend’s Lincoln Navigator using fat that he liposuctioned from patients. (He now is in South America, where he fled to avoid prosecution for a number of other charges, including letting his unlicensed girlfriend perform liposuction. Yikes!) I think one of the […]

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Biggest Loser Blog Edition final results! How’d I do?

I’m so glad I joined the Biggest Loser Blog Edition this fall — I almost didn’t do it at all because I was afraid of getting too obsessed focused on the number on the scale. I had a few moments where I did, but overall, I actually got over the scale to a great degree […]

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Tue, December 30 2008 » Progress » 3 Comments

Size 14 women happiest, according to new study by Special K

Good news: You don’t have to be emaciated to be happy Bad news: Majority of women still unhappy with their bodies Interesting study. “Girls [women! –ed.] who wear the dress size rated their general happiness higher than any other with a quarter saying they were extremely happy. More than 43 per cent of size 14 […]

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Best and worst addictions for 2009, memories, and fasting (not all at the same time)

Catching up on my online reading a bit today — was pretty much a Luddite last week, reading books on paper and stuff! 😉 Comments on those later this week. Came across three interesting posts today: 5 Best and Worst Addictions to Cultivate in 2009 — All 5 of the “Best” ones are already in […]

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Mon, December 29 2008 » Cravings, Everything else, Self image » 2 Comments

I met my end of year goal to run 5K! Plus, new books (no reviews yet).

Well, Saturday I ran 5K for the first time! No walking, no stopping. With hills, even! I started fairly fast (for me) and made myself slow down just a bit and I was glad I did because I had the energy to run up a endless long mountain goat grade fairly steep incline (for me) […]

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Sun, December 28 2008 » Motivation, Persistence, Progress, Training journal » 4 Comments

Down 3.9 pounds: Biggest Loser Blog Edition final week

Well, the 3.9 is gone again. Phew! Back in business and feeling much better. This is the final weigh-in for the Biggest Loser Blog Edition, but I think my essentially maintaining through the holidays has eliminated me from the top competition. (If I yo-yo up and down a few pounds again over the next few […]

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Sat, December 27 2008 » Progress » 3 Comments

Pam Reed’s The Extra Mile

I’ve really gotten hooked on reading about ultramarathons. (Stating the obvious, eh?) The stories are so inspiring, they just make me want to get out there and run! (And I do, I don’t just think about it ;-)) The latest one I just finished is The Extra Mile: One Woman’s Personal Journey to Ultrarunning Greatness […]

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Fri, December 26 2008 » Motivation » 2 Comments

Merry Christmas

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Great site, I think I’m at my 5k goal, current book, miscellaneous news

Some miscellaneous notes… Jason, who stopped by the other day to offer some encouragement (thanks!), has a great blog about his 130 pound loss. He also started running along the way, is a believer in slow running, and has even done some  ultramarathons (my current not-so-secret obsession). Jason and I started within a pound of […]

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Wed, December 24 2008 » Motivation, Persistence, Progress, Support » 2 Comments