What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

up 3.9: Biggest Loser Blog Edition

No excuses. (I’m brimming with them, but really, there just aren’t any.) Weight loss so far: -17.8 since starting Biggest Loser Blog Edition -24.6 since starting blog -41.6 from highest weight I’m back on track now, though. This actually was worse a few days ago.  

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Sun, December 21 2008 » Progress » 3 Comments

My slow jog is actually a technique called the Young-shuffle!

First, let me say: two people found me today by googling for “chances i’d eat my friends if trapped and starving.” Hmm. (I actually remember one of my early posts being a quiz of this sort, so that must be how they found me. Even so, it was pretty funny seeing that phrase listed on […]

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Sun, December 21 2008 » Everything else » 669 Comments