What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Best and worst addictions for 2009, memories, and fasting (not all at the same time)

Catching up on my online reading a bit today — was pretty much a Luddite last week, reading books on paper and stuff! 😉 Comments on those later this week.

Came across three interesting posts today:

  • 5 Best and Worst Addictions to Cultivate in 2009 — All 5 of the “Best” ones are already in play for me (blogging, exercise, work, hobbies, religion/philosophy), so I guess I’ve got a headstart! 😉 As for the worst: I don’t drink, use, or gamble. I don’t go to the doctor excessively (especially with our current insurance plan!). I’m not much of a shopper EXCEPT when it comes to books. I use the library for fiction and light reads, but most of my interests are around nonfiction, which is pricier. I will use the library more for those items, too. Especially when they can’t make it any easier — I just look up the books online, reserve them, and go pick up the pile with my name on it! Almost like Amazon 😉
  • Do people’s memories about their life history follow a predictable pattern? Interestingly, most people have the bulk of their memories around their teens and 20s. I personally found I have more later. (But then, my teens and 20s were pretty much a blur for a number of reasons and none of them good. Plus, I had some major identify-forming events happen later in life. So, my exeriences are different, but support what the study suggests.)
  • Fasting may equal calorie-restricted diets You may have seen reports about people who eat severely restricted diets to live longer. Looks like fasting periodically and eating normally the rest of the time works just as well. (Not that I ever ate a CR diet — but I was fascinated/horrified/envious in a weird way.)

So do chocolate covered espresso beans count as a Best or Worst? Hmm…

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