What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Still here, stable weight, much-needed computer break

Hi, everyone! I have taken a much-needed break from the computer for a bit, but will be back posting tomorrow — got some good ones coming up! Weight-wise, I’ve stayed the same, which is actually my goal for the moment. We’ve had a lot of stress, so my goal is to be human, deal with […]

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Sat, January 24 2009 » Progress, Stress eating » 5 Comments

Woman gets addiction treatment for ‘Coke’ –

Woman gets addiction treatment for ‘Coke’ – Now, see! And people laughed when I said I was addicted to Diet Coke 😉 Happy to report, I am free of the Diet Coke compulsion for today.

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Tue, January 20 2009 » Cravings » 6 Comments

Is it easier for men to avoid tempting food?

Is it easier for men to avoid tempting food? I don’t exactly think there’s enough data here to be conclusive,  but it’s interesting. “While both men and women said the inhibition technique decreased their hunger, the brain scans showed that men’s brain activity actually decreased, while the part of women’s brains that responds to food […]

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Mon, January 19 2009 » Strategy » 2 Comments

A miracle has occurred.

I no longer crave Diet Coke. Or soda. Or artificial sweeteners. Or caffeine. It’s been over a week without those things and I didn’t even have a headache. I didn’t even intend to give it up — I just… didn’t have any and didn’t miss it. No explanation for that one (well maybe one I’ll […]

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Mon, January 19 2009 » Cravings » 10 Comments

I think this says more about the psychiatrist than anything…

A psychiatrist has knitted an anatomically correct brain: I guess that’s about the same as the knitted uterus we had in our natural childbirth class ‘lo these many years ago.

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Sun, January 18 2009 » Everything else » 5 Comments

When I give myself time to think, it usually doesn’t turn out well

I find the trick to getting out and exercising is to do it with the least amount of self-talk possible beforehand. That means being prepared: having the clothes ready, having the bag ready for the pool, or the iPod for the run, or whatever. Because, if I’m not ready… I stall. And think. And talk […]

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Sat, January 17 2009 » Motivation, Persistence, Strategy » 2 Comments

Good walk/run, beautiful day, strange dream

I got the BEST NIGHT OF SLEEP in my life. For the first time since kids arrived, I slept early and woke up on my own in the morning (nanoseconds before the kids, but still, no one woke me up first!) I was having a funny dream, too — I was running the strangest marathon […]

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Thu, January 15 2009 » Everything else » 5 Comments

Humor is the best medicine, followed by sleep

A little Greek mythology humor… Now for the sleep… 😉

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Wed, January 14 2009 » Humor » 5 Comments

Wanting to hide under the covers, and true test of my changing behaviors

Well, I don’t feel like posting and part of that is because I feel generally crappy right now. I have a stomach thing, which is my immediate source of complaint. Feeling queasy stinks. On top of work and personal complications and being generally tired, it makes me want to go to bed and hide under […]

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Tue, January 13 2009 » Persistence » 1 Comment

No excuses

I went for my 5k this morning. I was looking forward to it. But then my iPod wasn’t charged. And as I started down the road, it was cold. I turned back after a block. But then I turned ’round again and kept going. (Neighbors probably think I’m loopy.) Then I felt a little nauseated. […]

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Mon, January 12 2009 » Persistence » 4 Comments