What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Non-resolutions for 2009

Happy New Year!

I’m not a big resolution person — I make goals through the year and adjust them as needed. But this time of year begs a little retrospective and introspection.

Here are some things I’m thinking about for the year:

  • Continue reading about endurance events/ultramarathons and other motivating blogs (see blogroll) and books. Live lessons about keeping on keepin’ on.
  • Continue reading about mental toughness and apply what I learn. See if there’s more fodder for “What works” there.
  • Some very basic things: Floss. (Dentist appointment, can you tell?) Feet. (Neglected. Bugging me.) Skin. (Tired and looking older than I have to. Want to be my best.)
  • Do Galloway’s “finish” marathon training plan. Do a series of longer races and perhaps a sprint triathlon.
  • Continue to grow spiritually as prescribed in my tradition. 2008 yielded some good fruit here.
  • Work on an art project that I have completely visualized and gotten the materials for. It’s time.
  • Continue making active outside time a priority for the family — get back into letterboxing, continue biking/hiking, etc. I want to be a good active influence on my kids.
  • Continue to try to be a good mom. 
  • Continue simplifying/decluttering and getting rid of stuff by way of eBay, craigslist, donations, etc.
  • Develop goals and a plan for the kids’ education. That sounds strange if you don’t know my plans, but, don’t worry, it’s nothing strange or diabolical 😉
  • Explore some other web ideas.

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