What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Expect great things for 2009

Great little podcast (transcript) from Scientific American about a book I mentioned briefly a few weeks ago: Predictably Irrational.

Basic premise: “If people think up front that something might be distasteful, Ariely argues, the odds are high that they’ll experience it negatively, no matter how intrinsically good it is.”

I know this has been so true for me about weight loss, diet, and exercise in the past. I think the greatest change I’ve made this year was to expect good things and give myself an attitude adjustment around my negative expectations. No more “I can’t”, “I always fail at”, etc.

I expect 2009 to be exciting, productive, relevant. I’m focusing on what matters. 2009 is going to be another great year.

What are your expectations for 2009?

Fri, January 2 2009 » Strategy

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  1. Just Kelly January 3 2009 @ 9:43 pm

    I expect great things! You get out what you put in!