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Wanting to hide under the covers, and true test of my changing behaviors

Well, I don’t feel like posting and part of that is because I feel generally crappy right now. I have a stomach thing, which is my immediate source of complaint. Feeling queasy stinks. On top of work and personal complications and being generally tired, it makes me want to go to bed and hide under the covers.

I prefer to post when I have interesting news or something fun to share or encouragement to offer. I don’t like to post when I’m all whiny and negative, which, thankfully, doesn’t happen often.

Quick, call the Wambulance!

I guess, because I’m ever the positive person, I can think of a few affirming things about feeling like crap today:

  • I’m not face down in a pan of brownies
  • I’m hoping I feel better in a bit so I can go for a walk/bike later as a temporary escape from all this

So I guess this is a true test of my changing behaviors — how I handle the valleys, not just the peaks.

Tue, January 13 2009 » Persistence

One Response

  1. Annette January 13 2009 @ 3:15 pm

    i blogged about this today! You can always find that positive light if you really look!

    Things will get better SOON :)