What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Well, I did it! 50 pounds down from my high.

Well, just a quick note to say — I passed the 50 pounds lost mark — and with surprisingly little difficulty. I say that with profound appreciation, because I have struggled with weight all my life. It has never been easy. I’m a different person. The same, yet very different.

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Wed, February 11 2009 » Everything else » 14 Comments

My weight loss over time, in a picture (well, graph): yo-yo to steady-as-she-goes

Well, I’m actually down a bit more today — and very close to the 50 pounds gone mark. I keep track of my progress in a spreadsheet now because, along with my not-dieting, the number on the scale no longer (well, rarely) has meaning to me these days other than a progress metric — it’s […]

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Wed, February 4 2009 » Persistence, Progress, Strategy » 8 Comments

Progress update: down another 1.1 pounds

Just thought I’d post a little update since I haven’t had time to post much else! I’m down another 1.1 pounds so far, which I’m pleased with. (My goal was to maintain for about two months, so one down and one to go with a bit of a bonus loss.) Total loss so far: 31.6 […]

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Tue, February 3 2009 » Everything else » 3 Comments