What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Well, I did it! 50 pounds down from my high.

Well, just a quick note to say — I passed the 50 pounds lost mark — and with surprisingly little difficulty. I say that with profound appreciation, because I have struggled with weight all my life. It has never been easy. I’m a different person. The same, yet very different.

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Wed, February 11 2009 » Everything else » 14 Comments

Progress update: down another 1.1 pounds

Just thought I’d post a little update since I haven’t had time to post much else! I’m down another 1.1 pounds so far, which I’m pleased with. (My goal was to maintain for about two months, so one down and one to go with a bit of a bonus loss.) Total loss so far: 31.6 […]

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Tue, February 3 2009 » Everything else » 3 Comments

I think this says more about the psychiatrist than anything…

A psychiatrist has knitted an anatomically correct brain: I guess that’s about the same as the knitted uterus we had in our natural childbirth class ‘lo these many years ago.

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Sun, January 18 2009 » Everything else » 5 Comments

Good walk/run, beautiful day, strange dream

I got the BEST NIGHT OF SLEEP in my life. For the first time since kids arrived, I slept early and woke up on my own in the morning (nanoseconds before the kids, but still, no one woke me up first!) I was having a funny dream, too — I was running the strangest marathon […]

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Thu, January 15 2009 » Everything else » 5 Comments

Rekindling my love for being outdoors

One of the things I’m most grateful for as I get more fit and more active is that I have been reminded just how much I love being outside. I love the freedom. The clarity. The deep spiritual connection. The time to think and daydream. The lack of technology. I feel relieved being outside. (Well, […]

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Fri, January 9 2009 » Everything else » 4 Comments

Are fat bums a sign of good health?: Scientific American Blog

Are fat bums a sign of good health?: Scientific American Blog Well, thank goodness! I’m healthy as a horse then. 😉

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Thu, January 8 2009 » Everything else » No Comments

The body: tool of exploration or place of imprisonment

First, let me say, we saw the most incredible rainbow ever today. Never saw anything like it in my life. My two daughters ran screaming into the house to get my husband. We all stood and admired it. Amazing. In a few minutes, it was gone. Now — let me share another amazing thing. A […]

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Thu, January 8 2009 » Everything else » 7 Comments

Shopping for marathons; maybe not this one

Well, what fun! I’m deciding what races I’m going to commit to for 2009. Perhaps I should avoid the Krispy Kreme Challenge next month, though, given my fitness goals: “Beginning at the NC State Belltower, each runner runs 2 miles to the Krispy Kreme store located on Peace St. in Raleigh. After downing a full […]

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Tue, January 6 2009 » Everything else » 7 Comments

Common sense, or the lack thereof, followed by a nice day on the trails

So there I was, at the jewelery counter this morning, wanting to get a new battery for my heart rate monitor. (On topic, barely.) However, there was a problem. The sales clerk told me she couldn’t open my watch to put the battery because I might sue the company if she ruins it. OK, other […]

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Sun, January 4 2009 » Everything else » 6 Comments

10 Things to Stop Doing in 2009 from Mark Salinas

So glad you’re back, Mark! Great post on what to not do… and, in turn, do… in 2009. Check it out!

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Thu, January 1 2009 » Everything else » No Comments