What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Non-resolutions for 2009

Happy New Year! I’m not a big resolution person — I make goals through the year and adjust them as needed. But this time of year begs a little retrospective and introspection. Here are some things I’m thinking about for the year: Continue reading about endurance events/ultramarathons and other motivating blogs (see blogroll) and books. […]

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Thu, January 1 2009 » Everything else, Strategy » Comments Off on Non-resolutions for 2009

This is too disgusting not to post about

One Beverly Hills, Calif. doc claimed that he powered his Ford SUV and his girlfriend’s Lincoln Navigator using fat that he liposuctioned from patients. (He now is in South America, where he fled to avoid prosecution for a number of other charges, including letting his unlicensed girlfriend perform liposuction. Yikes!) I think one of the […]

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Tue, December 30 2008 » Everything else » Comments Off on This is too disgusting not to post about

Best and worst addictions for 2009, memories, and fasting (not all at the same time)

Catching up on my online reading a bit today — was pretty much a Luddite last week, reading books on paper and stuff! 😉 Comments on those later this week. Came across three interesting posts today: 5 Best and Worst Addictions to Cultivate in 2009 — All 5 of the “Best” ones are already in […]

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Mon, December 29 2008 » Cravings, Everything else, Self image » 2 Comments

Merry Christmas

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Thu, December 25 2008 » Everything else » 1 Comment

My slow jog is actually a technique called the Young-shuffle!

First, let me say: two people found me today by googling for “chances i’d eat my friends if trapped and starving.” Hmm. (I actually remember one of my early posts being a quiz of this sort, so that must be how they found me. Even so, it was pretty funny seeing that phrase listed on […]

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Sun, December 21 2008 » Everything else » 669 Comments

My mother and I drive each other batty over food issues, even after 40 years

My mother and I go way back with weight issues. She just left after a week here and, I have to say, it was one of our better weeks together. (We really only had one snippy point, when I couldn’t resist criticizing her beloved Lou Dobbs as a ridiculous conspiracy-theorist fear-monger. Oops! I quickly shut […]

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Fri, December 19 2008 » Everything else » 8 Comments

Non-scale victory: resting heart rate

My resting heart rate is 56 now. (Used to be in the 70s.) Amazing. One really motivating thing to me about exercise — our bodies improve so quickly! They so appreciate our efforts. Walk a block today, and in a short week or two, we can walk more distance-wise and more easily effort-wise.  Before we […]

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Fri, December 12 2008 » Everything else » 3 Comments

2.1 pounds lost (again) : Biggest Loser Blog Edition

OK, lost that pesky 2.1 pounds again. Phew! And, I finished the Jingle Bell 5K! Report coming tomorrow! And, I sold most of my too-big clothes on eBay! I found a few more things in a bag, so those things are getting posted later today. Weight loss so far: -21.8 since starting Biggest Loser Blog […]

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Sat, December 6 2008 » Everything else » 2 Comments

I must be strong

I want to lie in bed and read. Not because I’m sick, but because I have a stack of good books calling to me, waiting for me! Argh! So many books, so little time. Well, maybe tonight. Sigh. In the meantime, lots to do.

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Wed, December 3 2008 » Everything else » 1 Comment

See, blogging DOES have health benefits

Caught a tweet from Guy Kawasaki that linked to this article: Blog your way to better health :: Destroy Stress :: Mens Health I totally think blogging has been key to my fitness goals. Professor Amy would agree, no? 😉

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Mon, December 1 2008 » Everything else » 3 Comments