What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Turned the day around! Whee!

Yesterday morning I was feeling low. I indulged in that for a while and then had enough. Enough, I tell ya! So, I… Cracked down and got some tricky work out of the way Dealt with an unpleasant personal issue Stopped taking breaks to go stare in the kitchen cabinets (chocolate fairies never did show […]

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Thu, December 4 2008 » Persistence, Stress eating » 3 Comments

It’s official. I’m a freak. I’m the only person not worried about gaining over the holidays.

Hmm. OK. I think I’m a freak. (Hey, I hear you asking yourselves, “well, when did she finally figure that out?!”) I’m relieved because it’s nearly the holidays. I don’t find the holidays stressful, food-wise. I have the same freaky family issues that everyone else seems to have, but holidays aren’t when I do my […]

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Wed, November 26 2008 » Persistence, Strategy, Stress eating » Comments Off on It’s official. I’m a freak. I’m the only person not worried about gaining over the holidays.

Hmm. Running.

I’m finally getting over my respiratory thang! So, back to my jogging plan today. But I’m nervous. Because my knees have finally just stopped killing me after my Great Wall climb almost a month ago. I want to be able to run 5k by the end of the year. But now I’m worried my knees […]

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Tue, November 25 2008 » Persistence » Comments Off on Hmm. Running.

It occurs to me, that I am a different person now

You know, I was just in the kitchen, washing dishes before heading to bed (can’t stand waking up to dried up dirty dishes) and I realized — I am a different person. I have made permanent healthy changes. I’m not perfect, but I do pretty well. And I will lose this weight, in time. And […]

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Sun, November 16 2008 » Motivation, Persistence, Progress, Self image » 4 Comments

Fighting inertia! (plus update)

OK, in typical me fashion, I made it through the tough part (the travel) pretty well and now I just want to kick back. Ugh. I don’t so much want to eat, but I do want to sleep and I have no energy to exercise. I want a miracle to occur. I know I’m still […]

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Tue, November 4 2008 » Motivation, Persistence » 3 Comments

Not expecting a loss this week

I’m staying at Le Royal Meridian hotel in Shanghai. I exercised (at the gym on the 10th floor of the hotel — the building on the right with two antennae) and then walked all over Shanghai. And, I managed to eat fairly well today. But it was tough. I am tired and I miss my […]

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Wed, October 29 2008 » Everything else, Persistence » 2 Comments

Another great Influencer quote on recovering from failure

Here’s my favorite quote from one of the Influencer blog posts on how to recover from failure by Maxfield: Did you know that successful people fail more often than losers do? It makes sense, right? They try more things, riskier things, and set their goals higher. So they fail more often, but they also succeed […]

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Tue, October 21 2008 » Motivation, Persistence, Progress, Strategy » 1 Comment

Rough day, some highs, some lows. Ideas?

Well, I was ready to write yesterday off, but I pulled it together and turned it around. Learned a few things about myself. Still puzzled by a pattern of mine. Feel free to pitch in with suggestions The past week or week and a half have been truly stressful on many many levels. I turned […]

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Wed, October 15 2008 » Persistence, Strategy, Stress eating » 10 Comments

50/50 by Karnazes and what really motivates me (hint: not just losing weight)

I know I still owe you the final Influencer post, but I had to interject this one! So, I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that I’ve made a big personal breakthrough: Exercising to lose weight sometime in the future? Yawn. That’ll last a few days. However, having a goal like riding my bike to […]

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Mon, October 13 2008 » Motivation, Persistence, Progress, Strategy » 11 Comments

Down 3.3 more pounds: Biggest Loser Blog Edition

Well, down 3.3 more pounds for a total of 12.7 in three weeks! -12.7 since starting Biggest Loser Blog Edition -19.5 since starting blog -36.5 from highest weight I don’t feel deprived, I am enjoying (l.o.v.i.n.g.) the exercise I’m doing, and am so motivated. This week was an extremely difficult week for a number of […]

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Sat, October 11 2008 » Motivation, Persistence, Progress, Stress eating » 6 Comments