What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Visual food diary, automated!

How exciting! If you remember, I experimented with a visual food diary for a day and thought it was interesting, but not very practical — who has that kind of time! Then, I saw the original article referenced on LifeHacker. I posted a comment asking how to automate it. I got an answer and just […]

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Sat, September 20 2008 » Useful tools » Comments Off on Visual food diary, automated!

Yum, I love all five of these foods!

Five essential weight loss foods from LifeHacker. I was eating one of them when I discovered the post! Mmmmmm.

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Fri, September 19 2008 » Useful tools » 2 Comments

Experiment with visual food diary

I promise I will NOT be listing what I eat every day on this blog. (YAWN) However, I did an experiment today based on that article in the Telegraph that I mentioned in a previous post. The article was about how people who take pictures of what they eat do better weight-loss-wise than people who […]

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Tue, September 9 2008 » Useful tools » 5 Comments

Living in completely different parallel universe weight-wise

I read an article from the Happiness Project with some diet tips (some I agreed with, like keeping a food diary, and others I don’t, like outlawing certain foods), but I needed to spend significant time understanding how this statement could be possible: I’m about three pounds over where I’d like to be…. Oh, wait, […]

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Mon, September 8 2008 » Strategy, Useful tools » 4 Comments

Morale-o-Meter results thus far and my day

I don’t think I’m going to keep Morale-O-Meter up — because there are only so many places I can maintain info and still have a life — but it’s interesting. I think I will keep this type of info up informally in my planner. I felt great today. Got a lot done. Didn’t start my […]

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Sat, August 30 2008 » Persistence, Useful tools » Comments Off on Morale-o-Meter results thus far and my day

How to stay focused on the important stuff

Find the big things not getting done because you are caught up in daily trivia? Ask this simple question: Will it matter in five years?

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Thu, August 28 2008 » Motivation, Useful tools » 1 Comment

Neat sites: 43 Things, Morale-O-Meter, Daytum

I know, 43 Things has been around a while, but I never really paid attention (sorry!). People log in and list the big things they’d like to do. The site shows the most popular things at any one time (and more). Lose weight and Drink more water are big ones (these must be my people), […]

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Tue, August 26 2008 » Useful tools » 2 Comments