What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Pam Reed’s The Extra Mile

I’ve really gotten hooked on reading about ultramarathons. (Stating the obvious, eh?) The stories are so inspiring, they just make me want to get out there and run! (And I do, I don’t just think about it ;-)) The latest one I just finished is The Extra Mile: One Woman’s Personal Journey to Ultrarunning Greatness […]

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Fri, December 26 2008 » Motivation » 2 Comments

Food porn

Funny post from on food porn. Now, to get all Debbie Downer on you… The food porn article reminds me of the experiment they did on the effects of starvation during the Second World War. Of course, I’m not starving! But sometimes I observe the same types of behaviors in myself and other dieters. […]

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Tue, September 23 2008 » Strategy » 6 Comments