What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Would that I could bottle it: Funk-be-gone

I just went for one of the Best Walks Ever. Just in my neighborhood (on trash day, no less), but it was a beautiful sunny breezy day and I felt good. I’m getting excited about going swimming in the mornings in the outdoor pool, too, soon. That’s just something transformative about being in the water […]

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Fri, April 3 2009 » Persistence, Progress » 4 Comments

People, I miss you!

Just a quick note — I’m still working a bunch and trying to catch up, but will be back blogging shortly. I twittered the other day about missing my blog, but it’s not so much the blog but YOU I miss Staying motivated is much easier when I know you are out there, so thanks […]

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Mon, November 10 2008 » Support » Comments Off on People, I miss you!