What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

So much beauty.

No words. Just pictures. A day of beauty in Shanghai.

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Thu, October 30 2008 » Everything else » 4 Comments

Not expecting a loss this week

I’m staying at Le Royal Meridian hotel in Shanghai. I exercised (at the gym on the 10th floor of the hotel — the building on the right with two antennae) and then walked all over Shanghai. And, I managed to eat fairly well today. But it was tough. I am tired and I miss my […]

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Wed, October 29 2008 » Everything else, Persistence » 2 Comments

Guilin, a BLT, and a Western toilet

I was thinking I wouldn’t get much exercise today because we went on a river cruise, but we did do a fair bit of walking afterwards! We are in Guilin, a charming city. A few too many tourists around for my taste, but heck, I’m one of them, so I can’t complain too much, can […]

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Mon, October 27 2008 » Everything else » 4 Comments

A walk around Tiananmen Square during the Asia-Europe Summit

Today is the first day I felt very aware that I was in a Socialist country. Before today, people with whom we interacted spoke fairly openly about the government and history — for example, about what a tragedy the Cultural Revolution was. However, today, standing near Tiananmen Square, which had a strong military presence due […]

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Sun, October 26 2008 » Everything else » No Comments

The Forbidden City — Majestic

Stunning. What can I say? I think I will refer to the kids study area from now on as the Hall of Mental Cultivation… 😉

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Sat, October 25 2008 » Everything else » 3 Comments

The scorpion that got away

OK, I was going to eat this bugger: But then he was disposed of by one of my compatriots. However, the Peking Duck (and the endless appetizers, soups, fruits, and other dishes) were lovely. I find I prefer just tasting the food without knowing what it is (until afterwards) because then I can enjoy it […]

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Fri, October 24 2008 » Everything else » No Comments

The original Stairmaster: The Great Wall of China

My knees are like jelly. But, I did it! I climbed the Great Wall of China (at the Juyong Pass, north of Beijing). This is the view from the bottom. Our destination was the first tower at the top of the mountain, wayyyy up top there on the left. There was a lot of camaraderie […]

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Thu, October 23 2008 » Everything else » No Comments

I am going to be the fattest person in China

Rationally, I know I’m not, but I’m having a temporary freak-out. Don’t mind me. In October, I’m going to China as a member of a professional delegation of the People to People ambassador program. A recent article reads: To be a fat in China is to feel belittled, mocked, ridiculed and subject to overwhelming scrutiny. […]

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Mon, August 25 2008 » Cravings, Everything else, Self image » 2 Comments