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How I maintain my visual food and exercise diary: the details

OK, I’ve been getting a bunch of questions about how I do my visual food and exercise diary. So, here are the details All credit goes to the commenter on LifeHacker who told me about Swurl. First, some tools I use to do it: Digital camera or camera phone My browser is Flock (based on […]

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Wed, September 24 2008 » Useful tools » 1 Comment

Food porn

Funny post from on food porn. Now, to get all Debbie Downer on you… The food porn article reminds me of the experiment they did on the effects of starvation during the Second World War. Of course, I’m not starving! But sometimes I observe the same types of behaviors in myself and other dieters. […]

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Tue, September 23 2008 » Strategy » 6 Comments

Visual food diary, automated!

How exciting! If you remember, I experimented with a visual food diary for a day and thought it was interesting, but not very practical — who has that kind of time! Then, I saw the original article referenced on LifeHacker. I posted a comment asking how to automate it. I got an answer and just […]

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Sat, September 20 2008 » Useful tools » Comments Off on Visual food diary, automated!

Experiment with visual food diary

I promise I will NOT be listing what I eat every day on this blog. (YAWN) However, I did an experiment today based on that article in the Telegraph that I mentioned in a previous post. The article was about how people who take pictures of what they eat do better weight-loss-wise than people who […]

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Tue, September 9 2008 » Useful tools » 5 Comments

Living in completely different parallel universe weight-wise

I read an article from the Happiness Project with some diet tips (some I agreed with, like keeping a food diary, and others I don’t, like outlawing certain foods), but I needed to spend significant time understanding how this statement could be possible: I’m about three pounds over where I’d like to be…. Oh, wait, […]

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Mon, September 8 2008 » Strategy, Useful tools » 4 Comments

Dear (Food) Diary and my amnesia problem

Sanjay Gupta (CNN) knows he had seven peanut M&Ms on July 22nd. Like me, he suffers from food amnesia if he doesn’t write down what he eats. (Remind me sometime to tell you about the study I signed up for in college that was designed to test a new type of anesthetic designed to cause […]

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Tue, August 12 2008 » Motivation, Persistence, Strategy » Comments Off on Dear (Food) Diary and my amnesia problem