What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Please explain splits to me

I keep seeing people time their laps and other distances and talk about splits. I thought it was the time of a lap or length, but that’s not it. The term makes it sound like a difference between laps or lengths, but that’s not it. It seems to be based on total distance, but I’m […]

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Tue, December 9 2008 » Useful tools » 2 Comments

Oh, I got it! was… So what is it about the weekends?

My weekdays and weekends are like night and day health-wise, attitude-wise, energy-wise etc. Why are they such a challenge?! I used to think it was because being at work was easier to manage than being at home as far as structure, temptation, whatever. Well, that’s not it, because I worked at home last week and […]

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Mon, August 18 2008 » Motivation, Persistence » 2 Comments