What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Great read on the plane a few weeks ago — A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

In a previous post, Ria left a note recommending a book: A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a great book! Funny and inspiring. I read it on the plane to Chicago, on my way to California. The gal next to me probably was […]

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Thu, March 12 2009 » Motivation, Persistence » 6 Comments

Non-resolutions for 2009

Happy New Year! I’m not a big resolution person — I make goals through the year and adjust them as needed. But this time of year begs a little retrospective and introspection. Here are some things I’m thinking about for the year: Continue reading about endurance events/ultramarathons and other motivating blogs (see blogroll) and books. […]

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Thu, January 1 2009 » Everything else, Strategy » Comments Off on Non-resolutions for 2009

My first race report: Jingle Bell 5K for the Arthritis Foundation

First, let me say thank you to all you wonderful generous sponsors — within two days I raised $400, four times my modest goal! Yesterday was a beautiful day and a fun race. And a humbling one. I learned a lot. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to run part of a 5K […]

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Sun, December 7 2008 » Race report » 14 Comments

Another great Influencer quote on recovering from failure

Here’s my favorite quote from one of the Influencer blog posts on how to recover from failure by Maxfield: Did you know that successful people fail more often than losers do? It makes sense, right? They try more things, riskier things, and set their goals higher. So they fail more often, but they also succeed […]

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Tue, October 21 2008 » Motivation, Persistence, Progress, Strategy » 1 Comment

I ran. I RAN. I R.A.N. As in, didn’t walk.

I did the unthinkable today. The impossible. The unimaginable. There I was, walking on the track at the YMCA. I was walking at a good clip — probably around 4-4.5 miles per hour. (Who knew Steal Your Face was a song with a quick enough tempo? And, I was groovy and mellow while doing it. […]

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Sat, October 4 2008 » Motivation, Progress » 7 Comments

Slightly less cranky today. Met exercise goal but gained weight.

I shouldn’t have gone on the scale. I exercised my a$$ off this weekend (or so I was hoping) and I gained a few pounds. Food was good — little snacking, mostly good choices. I didn’t drink enough water, though. It was very demoralizing, which reminds me why I don’t go on the scale often. […]

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Tue, September 16 2008 » Everything else, Motivation, Progress, Strategy » 4 Comments

Progress on Lazy Waister Triathlon

Well, I have finished half of the marathon leg (13 out of 26 miles) of the Lazy Waister’s Triathlon. Today, I’m going to start swimming while I finish up the marathon leg over the next few days. Then, as soon as the marathon leg is done, I need to add the biking! That wasn’t quite […]

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Fri, September 12 2008 » Everything else, Motivation, Progress, Self image » 2 Comments

Into the 200s now — isn’t it funny what significance we assign to numbers on the scale?

Lost a couple more pounds — Down 26.5# from my highest weight, down about 10# from starting this blog. I was relieved to get past 300. It’s funny how we attribute such meaning to certain numbers. The “round” numbers (no pun intended) are obvious candidates, but here’s my list of meaningful numbers: 325 — highest […]

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Wed, September 10 2008 » Persistence, Progress, Self image » 11 Comments

Living in completely different parallel universe weight-wise

I read an article from the Happiness Project with some diet tips (some I agreed with, like keeping a food diary, and others I don’t, like outlawing certain foods), but I needed to spend significant time understanding how this statement could be possible: I’m about three pounds over where I’d like to be…. Oh, wait, […]

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Mon, September 8 2008 » Strategy, Useful tools » 4 Comments

Well, I joined the Lazy Waister’s Triathlon

OK, life has interfered with my doing the Dash for Divas this Saturday, so instead, I’m doing the Lazy Waister’s Triathlon over the next few weeks. At least I’ll be able to say I completed a triathlon (mumble of sorts mumble) before I turn 40 in October 😉 Good thing I get my bike back […]

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Wed, September 3 2008 » Everything else » 1 Comment