What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Foodio54 and the five worst drinks in America plus a little rambling

First of all, let me laugh at the blog name Foodio54. Clever. I have some really great old music running through my head now. Perhaps I date myself. (OK, in the 70s I was like, ten, but still!) Now, down to business. Mark Salinas stumbled my second Influencer post (thanks, Mark!). When I checked out […]

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Wed, October 8 2008 » Everything else, Motivation, Stress eating, Support » 7 Comments

Useful links about establishing good habits

I have good habits and I have bad habits. And changing the bad habits to good ones is hard! Or perhaps I’ve made it harder than it has to be. I found a number of good links today about habits and routines, most from Zen Habits: 7 Little Habits That Can Change Your Life, and […]

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Fri, August 29 2008 » Persistence, Strategy » Comments Off on Useful links about establishing good habits

My diet danger zones — what are yours?

I have a few places or situations in which I have a history of making Bad Decisions with regard to my weight. By being aware of them, I can make a better decision ahead of time and avoid the bad one later. My car — It’s really easy to eat and drink mindlessly in the […]

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Thu, August 14 2008 » Strategy » 1 Comment