What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Size 14 women happiest, according to new study by Special K

Good news: You don’t have to be emaciated to be happy Bad news: Majority of women still unhappy with their bodies Interesting study. “Girls [women! –ed.] who wear the dress size rated their general happiness higher than any other with a quarter saying they were extremely happy. More than 43 per cent of size 14 […]

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Mon, December 29 2008 » Self image » No Comments

This is the life. Except for…

Welcome to I’m Alexia. Why am I starting this blog? Because… Except for one thing, I have it all. I am living my dream. I found and married my soulmate and we have several great kids. It’s a little spooky sometimes how very alike he and I are, even though we are from different […]

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Sun, August 10 2008 » Motivation » 10 Comments