What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

I don’t want to stress eat. This is new.

I came home. My darling husband had fed and bathed the kids and gotten them in their ‘jamas. Ah. A relaxing night. But then… One kid dropped a full water pitcher on the floor and it broke. While I was on the phone. Another knocked over a glass of water on the table. Then the […]

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Thu, August 21 2008 » Stress eating » Comments Off on I don’t want to stress eat. This is new.

My friends have a 24% chance…

Well, if we are trapped and starving in a blizzard… there’s a 24% I’d eat ya. Maybe it’s so low because I tend toward vegetarianism. Or maybe because I couldn’t catch you (yet). 24% I guess you guys are pretty lucky. Because, quite frankly, I’ll do anything to avoid being hungry. I wouldn’t have given […]

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Sun, August 17 2008 » Everything else » 2 Comments

I am normally a rational person, but…

Here I am, planning on working here at home today, and the only thing I can think of is that I’m locked in this house without a Diet Coke. I am normally a rational person, but when it comes to Diet Coke, there’s no rational thought involved. I know people who drink diet sodas gain […]

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Wed, August 13 2008 » Cravings » 3 Comments