What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

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I’m not going to talk about Oprah. But I do want to talk about this statement in a blog about Oprah: “For people with disordered eating or an eating disorder, weight is but a symptom of a larger, often emotional problem.” (Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting Oprah or fat people have emotional problems.) The realization that […]

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Wed, December 17 2008 » Strategy, Stress eating, Support, Useful tools » 3 Comments

I don’t want to stress eat. This is new.

I came home. My darling husband had fed and bathed the kids and gotten them in their ‘jamas. Ah. A relaxing night. But then… One kid dropped a full water pitcher on the floor and it broke. While I was on the phone. Another knocked over a glass of water on the table. Then the […]

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