What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

0.1 pound gain: Biggest Loser Blog Edition

OK, this is getting ridiculous. I could blame TOM or my mother (visiting), but reality is I exercised too little and I ate too much (and not of the right stuff). Interestingly, I’ve also been getting stressed/weirded out by being in the top three of the BLBE and I suspect I’m sabotaging myself somehow around […]

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Sat, December 13 2008 » Motivation, Progress, Stress eating » 4 Comments

Crappy day thus far. Not going to let it get to me.

It’s 10am and I had a rough morning. The whole family was crabby and difficult today. Impatience and miscommunication were rampant. And I didn’t handle it well. This was not one of my stellar Perfect Wife and Mother Moments. I’m now home alone starting my work day, feeling kinda crappy. So, how am I going […]

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Wed, October 1 2008 » Persistence, Stress eating » 4 Comments

How do you handle people who sabotage your efforts?

I’m all about personal responsibility (a little too much, according to some), but reality is that not everyone is always supportive of us. How do you handle people who sabotage your efforts? The folks at Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat have a great fill in the blank letter to the office diet saboteur. […]

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Tue, September 30 2008 » Self image, Support » 8 Comments