What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Fighting inertia! (plus update)

OK, in typical me fashion, I made it through the tough part (the travel) pretty well and now I just want to kick back. Ugh. I don’t so much want to eat, but I do want to sleep and I have no energy to exercise. I want a miracle to occur. I know I’m still […]

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Tue, November 4 2008 » Motivation, Persistence » 3 Comments

Not expecting a loss this week

I’m staying at Le Royal Meridian hotel in Shanghai. I exercised (at the gym on the 10th floor of the hotel — the building on the right with two antennae) and then walked all over Shanghai. And, I managed to eat fairly well today. But it was tough. I am tired and I miss my […]

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Wed, October 29 2008 » Everything else, Persistence » 2 Comments

Tired. Out of sorts. Blah. Want to eat. Want to weigh. Want to sleep.

I don’t know what’s going on (other than it’s not PMS). I’m tired. Out of sorts. Blah. I want to eat. I crave chocolate. I want to weigh myself every hour. I want to sleep. I want a responsibility-free day. But that’s not going to happen. So I’m just going to put one foot in […]

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Wed, September 24 2008 » Cravings, Motivation, Persistence, Stress eating » 11 Comments

Unmotivated to confident in 5 minutes

I’m a morning person. Normally. But today is one of those I-stayed-up-all-night-watching-the-Olympics-so-I-want-to-sleep mornings. But my kids did sleep and are now rarin’ to go. So… here we go 😀 I also woke up famished. Hungry and tired is not a good combination for me. I started the day with an egg roll. I am declaring […]

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Sat, August 16 2008 » Motivation, Persistence, Strategy » Comments Off on Unmotivated to confident in 5 minutes