What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

2008 retrospective: What worked, what didn’t

Looking back, I certainly learned a bunch about what works and what doesn’t with regard to my getting fit. In no particular order… Works: Outrageous distance-based goal with deadline (Lazy Man’s Triathlon, first 5K race, first 5K continuous run, marathon, open water swim, triathlon… what else to come?) Doesn’t work: Exercising for X minutes Y […]

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Wed, December 31 2008 » Motivation, Persistence, Progress, Strategy, Stress eating, Support, Useful tools » 4 Comments

Morale-o-Meter results thus far and my day

I don’t think I’m going to keep Morale-O-Meter up — because there are only so many places I can maintain info and still have a life — but it’s interesting. I think I will keep this type of info up informally in my planner. I felt great today. Got a lot done. Didn’t start my […]

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Sat, August 30 2008 » Persistence, Useful tools » Comments Off on Morale-o-Meter results thus far and my day

Weekend experiment working!

Well, my weekend experiment is working fabulously! Just had to post a quick note. I woke up (rather, the kids woke me up). I had already identified specific actions to take: * Finish Uncle Claus’s birthday project * Get car inspected * Run errands: post office, Petco, BJs * Give kids (and me, thanks to […]

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Lost 6 pounds in 5 days, which brings me to my next dilemma…

I am feeling really good today — my clothes are looser and I have more energy. And, to be honest, I haven’t had to do much. I’ve employed two primary strategies to exercise more and eat less: Schedule exercise and be committed to it (and have a Plan B in case life happens and I […]

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Fri, August 15 2008 » Motivation, Strategy » 3 Comments

Dear (Food) Diary and my amnesia problem

Sanjay Gupta (CNN) knows he had seven peanut M&Ms on July 22nd. Like me, he suffers from food amnesia if he doesn’t write down what he eats. (Remind me sometime to tell you about the study I signed up for in college that was designed to test a new type of anesthetic designed to cause […]

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