What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

Yeah, remember that whole not stress eating thing?

Well, apparently no sleep and a big argument over something stupid and several little annoying life things don’t “work” for me. Calgon, take me away! If only I had gotten some Calgon. Instead I went to Wendy’s. Ugh. Writing it down. Back to water. Right back on track instead of free-for-all-for-rest-of-day.

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Fri, August 22 2008 » Persistence, Stress eating » 1 Comment

Caffeine level today: “vibrating crackhead”

I experienced Nirvana today. After a week of little caffeine and only one or two Diet Cokes, I had a Crystal Light Focus. For, er, medicinal reasons. Really. What? You’re not buying that? I was jazzed. I was flying. I was buzzed. (I was not exactly focused. Unless you call working on 57 things at […]

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Fri, August 22 2008 » Cravings, Everything else » No Comments

I don’t want to stress eat. This is new.

I came home. My darling husband had fed and bathed the kids and gotten them in their ‘jamas. Ah. A relaxing night. But then… One kid dropped a full water pitcher on the floor and it broke. While I was on the phone. Another knocked over a glass of water on the table. Then the […]

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Thu, August 21 2008 » Stress eating » No Comments

Excuse the picture of my foot, but…

I just made a big note in my daily planner that my headaches have passed and I have ankles again! (Excuse me, but I have to share, stubby toes and all. Oh, and note the water.) It’s really really really good to be past that tired headache-y crabby feeling. The last three days of planner […]

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Thu, August 14 2008 » Motivation » No Comments

I am normally a rational person, but…

Here I am, planning on working here at home today, and the only thing I can think of is that I’m locked in this house without a Diet Coke. I am normally a rational person, but when it comes to Diet Coke, there’s no rational thought involved. I know people who drink diet sodas gain […]

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Wed, August 13 2008 » Cravings » 3 Comments