What’s your biggest remaining challenge?

up 3.9: Biggest Loser Blog Edition

No excuses. (I’m brimming with them, but really, there just aren’t any.) Weight loss so far: -17.8 since starting Biggest Loser Blog Edition -24.6 since starting blog -41.6 from highest weight I’m back on track now, though. This actually was worse a few days ago.  

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Sun, December 21 2008 » Progress » 3 Comments

0.1 pound gain: Biggest Loser Blog Edition

OK, this is getting ridiculous. I could blame TOM or my mother (visiting), but reality is I exercised too little and I ate too much (and not of the right stuff). Interestingly, I’ve also been getting stressed/weirded out by being in the top three of the BLBE and I suspect I’m sabotaging myself somehow around […]

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Sat, December 13 2008 » Motivation, Progress, Stress eating » 4 Comments

Up 1.9 (but I’m OK with that): Biggest Loser Blog Edition

Well, up 1.9 pounds. However, that’s after 4 planes in 40 hours (cankles!) and two weeks of traveling (yummy food!), so I’m actually OK with that. That gives me a net loss for the trip. -13.3 since starting Biggest Loser Blog Edition -20.1 since starting blog -37.1 from highest weight

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Mon, November 3 2008 » Progress » 3 Comments

Up 1.1 pounds: Biggest Loser Blog Edition

Well, I’m up 1.1 pounds. I’m sure I could rationalize it, but it wasn’t all excusable! Back on track today, immediately. What happened? Quick analysis of the week: * Didn’t do visual diary — am appreciating just how effective this is for me. Major reality check. I think I was just not as aware this […]

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Sat, October 18 2008 » Progress » 5 Comments

Don’t laugh, but I’m going to do a triathlon

I have blogged about how I love watching marathons (and triathlons). The women and men who compete are so focused and determined. Positively inspiring. Then, recently, I read a post about a woman of size who completed a triathlon. And my dream began! (Oh, that I would have kept that post in my favorites. Sigh. […]

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Wed, August 27 2008 » Motivation, Strategy » 6 Comments

Early ear infections may pack on pounds later – Kids and parenting-

Early ear infections may pack on pounds later – Kids and parenting- OK, this seems like a real stretch. Or perhaps, the causal relationship is backwards. My own ear and sinus problems are usually yeast-related, so when I finally quit taking antibiotics and started cutting out sugar and using a neti pot, I stopped […]

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Tue, August 26 2008 » Everything else » 1 Comment

I am normally a rational person, but…

Here I am, planning on working here at home today, and the only thing I can think of is that I’m locked in this house without a Diet Coke. I am normally a rational person, but when it comes to Diet Coke, there’s no rational thought involved. I know people who drink diet sodas gain […]

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Wed, August 13 2008 » Cravings » 3 Comments